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Innovative software for e-procurement and competitive dialogue



Access to specific functionality, such as creating an offer for a tender, or looking for clients to include in your customer register.


Create the schema electronic contract, specific calls seller to take part in the negotiation phase. At the seller is allowed to interact and to propose possible amendments. And the Winner is...

What Will You Get From eProc

The project helps a generic procurer (mainly medium and large companies, government) to regain the know-how, in order to define supply contracts as consistent as possible with the real needs of the procurer.

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Competitive Dialogue

The creation of the tender takes place in a collaborative manner between the procurer and sellers who, having the know-how on the subject, suggest the best way to formulate specifications.

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Cost Reduction

The software allows the procurer to greatly reduce the cost associated with the preparation of the final contract.

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Real Time Notification

Through a powerful engine for handling notifications users are always in contact with the information provided by the product.

Let's Take a Closer Look

Compiling a contract has never been so easy...

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  • User Profiles.
  • Managing supplier register.
  • Management categories.
  • Dynamic susceptibility of the contract.
  • Automatic production of the tender.
  • Manage attachments.
  • Integrating digital signature.
  • Managing the tender committees.

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