Welcome to Best Before Bid

Marketplace for sale and purchase of expiring/obsolete products.


Sellers could be a retailer, a retail chain, a wholesaler or even a manufacturing unit which wants to get rid of the shortly expiring products which are normally not able to find buyers.



Buyers could be an individual buyer, a non-profit organization which is seeking low priced consumable food products or any other interested party.

What Will You Get From Best Before Bid

Best before bid is the innovative online marketplace for sale and purchase of expiring/obsolete products.

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Social features

Through features like comments and ratings, every customer can help the others to improve their buying experience.

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Discount policies

Sellers can increase their sales by changing the percentage of discount while getting closer to the expiration date.

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Reducing of waste

Sellers can save money by reducing the costs of waste disposal.

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Recommended offers

Buyers can easily check out the offers that meet their specific preferences on the basis of their purchases.

See All New Features

Both buyers and sellers can benefit from the ease of use, the possibility of high degree of customization and the availability of the application on different devices (computers, mobile, tablet, etc...).

For the buyers:

  • Search of the products (by category, localization, price...)
  • Shopping cart management
  • Wish list management
  • Orders management
  • Shipping and billing addresses management
  • Demands (single or grouped) management

For the sellers:

  • Products management
  • Orders management
  • Shipping methods management
  • Payment methods management
  • Search of the demands made by single or grouped buyers

Let's Take a Closer Look

The home page of Best Before Bid displays some featured information for the buyers, like products with heaviest discount, products on last day sale and products that are "similar" to the ones already buyed by the customer.


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